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Molly Bacigalupo

Club President-elect and New Generations Director

Molly's Rotary journey is one marked by dedication and passion. Molly is a Clayton Valley Charter High School graduate, and she pursued higher education, earning her AA in Business from Butte College and further specializing in Business Communications at SF State. Presently, she excels as a Property Manager, adeptly overseeing both residential and commercial properties for Walnut Creek Holdings, Inc.

Her commitment to 'Service above Self' and 'Paying it Forward' blossomed during her 8th-grade Leadership class, where she spearheaded a noteworthy Blood Drive project with the American Red Cross. This endeavor earned her the distinction of being the youngest blood drive sponsor in the North American Region, setting the stage for a life dedicated to community service. Her educational journey was profoundly shaped by Camp Venture, serving as the catalyst that propelled her toward college and ultimately resulted in her earning a degree. Today, Molly remains deeply connected to her roots, actively contributing to the Board and holding the esteemed position of Director of New Generations. In 2023, Molly embarked on a new chapter of her life as she joyously tied the knot with her husband, Cameron.

Molly Bacigalupo
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